Hoi An Unique Food: Must Eat Food and Where to Eat in Hoi An

In Hoi An specifically, the local specialties are often unique to either Hoi An or the Quang Nam province. Many of these dishes rely on local ingredients, so they cannot be found outside Hoi an...


Bánh Mì Thập Cẩm (Vietnamese Baguette Sandwich)

When it comes down to Vietnam’s most internationally recognized dishes, banh mi is undoubtedly one of its top contenders. This delectable baguette sandwich is renowned for its crispy, airy bread filled with fresh herbs, vegetables and meats.

Often referred to as the Vietnamese version of the sub sandwich, banh mi comes in just as many variations as its western counterpart and boasts a seemingly endless list of scrumptious fillings.

By itself, banh mi merely translates to bread. Thus, it is followed by the type of protein filling. For example, the most prevalent type of sandwich, banh mi thit nguoi, is bread with cold cuts (ham). Other common varieties include:

Thit nuong: grilled pork patty
Cha ca: fish cakes
Cha lua: sliced pork roll
Cha bo: sliced beef roll
Op la: fried egg
Ga xe: shredded chicken
Xiu mai: pork meatball
Heo quay: roasted pork

Banh Mi Phuong: Achieved legendary status appearing on the late Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. Offers a wide selection of sandwiches (2b Phan Chu Trinh).

Madame Khanh – The Banh Mi Queen: Like its main competitor, offers up a large menu of variety of fillings to go with their piping hot bread, still fresh from the oven (115 Tran Cao Van).