Hanoi-Da Nang high-quality train service officially launched

Luxury trains connect Vietnam’s capital with beach hotspot

Two high-quality trains SE19 and SE20 were launched into operation on the Hanoi – Da Nang route on October 20 by the Vietnam Railway Corporation.
The SE19 and SE20 trains have been refurbished to provide the best quality service to passengers. By doing so, the trains will attract more passengers, including foreign tourists, who will choose them as their means of transport.

The new high-quality trains have been repainted, the carriage interiors and exteriors have been refreshed, and they have been equipped with new blankets, sheets, pillows, and curtains.

The sleeper cabins have been redesigned with an elegant and cosy style, while the air-conditioning systems have also been reinstalled with adjustable airflow.

The cabins with seats are now equipped with hot water heaters and bright white sanitary fixtures in the washrooms and lavatories, applying technical solutions to eliminate odours from waste containers, and providing a clean and luxurious feeling.

The food service cabins have been reinstalled with new interiors to make passengers feel comfortable while dining and enjoying the scenery.

The sector hopes that passengers will experience a sense of comfort as if they were in the warmth of their own homes while travelling on the high-quality SE19 and SE20 trains.

On these trains, passengers can also order specialities from different provinces simply by scanning a QR code with their smartphones. They can take the specialities home as gifts or enjoy them on the train.

The staff serving on these trains are carefully trained and wear customised uniforms. They have good communication skills, especially in English.

Sanitation staff are also arranged on the trains to ensure the quality of sanitation in the washroom areas.

Some pictures of the train SE19: